redpepper Rebrand

redpepper recently moved into a new space and decided that if we were going to do a rebrand, now was the time. So we took a look at the core values of the company and started to notice some consistencies. redpepper uses a lot of internal lingo, including "sharp corners", "peak performance", "a company of stars not circles" and more. So much of this lingo related to growth, sharp corners, and upward movement that we decided our branding should highlight this find. We created a grid-system and based everything on that grid, including icons, logos, signage, patterns and more. We redid the logo to straightened out some of the rounded edges and created a moniker that fit within our new brand system. We also created a dynamic identity system for our lab that uses elements such as beers drank and people in the garage to form its logo at any given time.

Client: redpepper

Art Direction: Joshua Hernandez, Jaron Jackson & Ryan Dunlap
Co-Designers: Sarah Rose Bina, Lindsey Armstrong & Micah Sledge
Creative Director: Rachael Schendel
Photography: Carl Schulz & Brooke Dainty