Germantown Prime

Nashville's Germantown has a history based in butchery. We latched onto this concept for an event to bring together the marketing leaders in Nashville. We included specialty items in the invitation that one would use when preparing a meaty dinner and included facts that tied individual items to Germantown's history. A wooden cutting board boasted of the 100+ trees in the area, red wine flaunted the red cobblestone walkways, Himalayan rock salt told the story of the area's salt lick origins.

The production techniques that went into this invitation told a story of hand-crafted uniqueness. We captured some of these processes and used them in a save the date video. This video builds anticipation for the invitation by showcasing closeups and slow-motion of the assembly process. Some of the processes involved in the creation of the invitation were branding a custom logo into cutting boards, letterpressing invitations, stamping boxes and seals, screen printing butchers' aprons, smashing Himalayan rock salt, trimming rosemary and lining the box with cedar wood chips.

Client: redpepper

Art Director & Designer: Sarah Rose Bina
Copy Writer: Leslie Jones
Photographer: Carl Schulz & Jeremy Mitchell